Our Story

Canadians have a complex history with cannabis. Over the years, the public has been forced to reevaluate preconceptions surrounding the plant, and fortunately many countries have come around to decriminalizing and supporting the distribution and manufacturing of cannabis. When we opened our flagship store in 2018 we had one goal in mind: promote the healing and therapeutic benefits of cannabis.

As we expanded to our current 5 locations, we began to design our in-store experience to be a safe, welcoming environment that made sure seasoned users and those new to cannabis felt cared for and confident in their purchases.

We saw the benefit in developing long-term relationships with our customers, whether they enjoyed it recreationally or medicinally. Every Oneida Organics dispensary is run by our team of provincially certified Budtenders who are experts in all things cannabis. Our continual learning programs help keep them informed on the latest trends and topics related to Cannabis to give them the confidence to interact and help tailor our customer experience regardless of someone’s background or previous marjiuana experience.

It’s an unfortunate reality that Indigenous populations in Canada suffer from substance addiction at much higher rates than other ethnicities due to systemic and historical racism, economic difficulties, and a lack of available mental health resources. At Oneida Organics, we want to educate and demonstrate what a healthy relationship with cannabis can offer and, at the same time, uplift our indigenous communities.

In the past, Oneida Organics has:

  • Hosted and organized a semi-annual food drive for the Oneida Food Bank
  • Hosted a Christmas toy drive for foster children
  • Contributed to local children’s sports & arts programs
  • Contributed to local festivals
  • Sponsored local MMA and Boxing events and semi-professional fighters
  • Supported the Residential Schools Survivor Society and the national inquiry into Missing and Murdered Indegnous Women
We’d also like to express our support to the Black Lives Matter movement and towards the LGBTQ+ members of our communities. As we continue to educate ourselves, we aim to improve our company culture to be as inviting and accommodating as possible and to support and stand with all those who face discrimination on the basis of ethnicity, sexuality, gender, race, religion, and more.

Our Products

In the early days of Oneida Organics, we sourced products from various Canadian producers to build up a diverse and reputable collection of products. What we started to see was that many suppliers lacked any safety certifications, lab testing, or even standardized labelling for quantity and potency. Keeping in line with our goal to offer the highest quality and safest cannabis products meant taking measures into our own hands, therefore all products you now see on our website and in-store are grown, produced, and packaged by our in-house staff. Additionally, all products undergo 3rd party testing via Canvas Labs in Vancouver, British Columbia.
Trying cannabis for the first time can be a daunting experience, and that’s why we take the extra steps in assuring safety, quality, and accuracy. The goal is always to pass on our confidence in our products to our clients so that they can leave knowing they’ve found the best fit. Even our expansion into beauty products, self-care, and unique forms of edibles was initially to help newcomers find the most comfortable way to consume cannabis, but long-time consumers have also taken a liking to our unique product lines.

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